The best places to experience in Bristol

  • Cherine

Free Range Chicken @ Happy Bird

Is it possible to eat fast food that is dirty but healthy, heeeck yes, definitely - Happy Bird is the perfect place to give you that duuurty healthy balance 🐔😈

They‘re a specialist chicken fast food restaurant that only serves only free range chicken. They offer many different options and styles of chicken dishes with their own twist. On top of that, they’ve got lots of delicious homemade sauces to pair with whatever dish you’re having 🍗

I mean, chicken is chicken, but trust me when I say their chicken tastes so pure with no “hidden agenda”. It’s all good stuff 👌🏼

I highly recommend getting the chicken wings to start 🍗, the Happy Bird burger as the main 🍔, Pimped Up fries as the side 🍟, and the chicken salt milkshake to finish 🥤. So frickin good 🤤

Bristol Foodie (Cherine) x