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  • Cherine

Delicious Healthy Wraps @ Young & Foodish

I didn’t know this cute little coffee shop on Cotham Hill called Young and Foodish existed until today! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They‘ve got a lovely little indoor area and outdoor seating - because it was a nice sunny day today, I sat outside! ☀️

I was recommended to have their smoothies and wraps, so I had the 🍌 Bananarama smoothie - it had banana, peanut butter, honey, oats and all sorts of healthy goodies and it was DELICIOUS! I pretty much just chugged it down… which was annoying because I wanted more! Then, I had the famous chicken chorizo wrap 🥙 – the wrap had chicken, chorizo, hummus, freshly chopped vegetables, sweet chili sauce, and a portion of fresh pomegranate salad.

It was so, so refreshing and also so filling! Usually, I can eat a cow (figurative speech!) and my partner will definitely agree to that 🙄... but I really had to stop myself finishing the last few bites because I was so fulfilled with this healthy lunch 🥗

I don’t think this place has enough limelight – I definitely highly recommended this little coffee shop 👍🏼 – it has got all sorts of healthy options, so non-meat eaters, you’ll be taken care of too! Definitely go check it out for a health kick 👍🏼

Bristol Foodie (Cherine) x

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