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Product Of The Year 2020

We're very lucky and had the huge privilege of trying out all the winning products from Product of The Year 2020!

We've still yet to try them all yet! So we will keep updating this as we go.

But so far, these are definitely some of our favourites:

- Diet Coke – Twisted Strawberry & Exotic Mango

The Diet Coke taste is iconic and easily recognisable as the most refreshing lighter tasting cola with no calories and no sugar. The latest flavour to enter the market is a twist on this iconic taste as it has the known and loved Diet Coke as a base with a burst of Strawberry on top and a hint of guava. It is bursting with flavour, and perfect served on ice on a warm Summer’s day. Also available in Mango.

- Optimum Protein Bar – Rocky Road Flavour

For our new protein bar we decided to focus on what’s important for our customers: a soft eat over shelf life, vegetarian ingredients, multiple textures, great flavours and class leading nutritionals. We then translated these into the ultimate protein bar using our unique protein whipping technology, with the addition of multiple textures via sugar free caramels and crisps, all coated in a completely new sugar free, high protein, real Belgian chocolate (developed specifically for us). The vast majority of sports nutrition protein bars in the UK are gelatine / collagen based (>90%), so it took the team 12 months to identify ingredients that would deliver a vegetarian status with great shelf life. Our new protein bar has the softest texture in the category.

- Costa Coffee Nespresso® Compatible Lungo Pods

Costa Coffee have entered the Nespresso market with a Costa’s Mocha Italia Signature Blend Lungo Nespresso Pods. These pods offer customers a smooth and nutty taste which can be prepared with their Nespresso machine. The pods are a strength No. 5 – Medium.

- O’jos Spritz

From the vibrant heart of Chile, O’jos Spritz is a new wine brand, offering a range of canned spritzer style wine-based drinks, delicately flavoured for a lighter, more refreshing taste. Choose from Rosé Spritz, lightly flavoured with Cranberry and Pink Peppercorn, or Chardonnay Spritz, which has been lightly flavoured with Rose and Raspberry for a new and exciting wine drinking experience. Made with Chilean grapes and natural flavours to enhance the flavour without masking the taste of the wine, all carefully blended by the expert winemakers at Concha y Toro. At only 5.5% ABV and packaged in handy, portable and recyclable aluminium cans.

- M&M's Bars

Having caused a storm when they burst onto the scene in the USA and Australia last year, UK chocolate fanatics have been in a frenzy over the anticipated arrival of the bars. After several years of development, the launch of M&M’s Bars marks one of the most exciting new M&Ms product to date, and invites fans of the iconic brand to get stuck in and experience the great M&M’s taste in a whole new way. The range comes in four delicious varieties – Chocolate, Peanut, Crispy and Hazelnut, with each containing mini M&M’s packed in a delicious milk chocolate chunk and perfect for sharing.

- Sharwood’s Katsu Curry Wrap Kit

Inspired by the vibrant and buzzing Asian street food markets, our easy-to-make kit brings the delicious flavours and aromas together to create an exciting meal the whole family will love. Each kit contains eight wraps, katsu curry sauce and oriental spice blend.

- Vanish Gold Oxi Action Stain Remover Gel

Vanish introduces a revolution in stain removal. Our Gold standard in stain removal is now a concentrated gel with encapsulated powder particles which lifts tough stains even in a cold wash. This stain remover is so versatile, just use a dose in the wash or pre-treat for tough stains. It is specially formulated to be safe on colours, and even suitable for the use on delicates like silk and wool. It has a colour safe concentrated formula with plant derived ingredients. The packaging is also recyclable.

Bristol Foodie Team x