The best places to experience in Bristol

  • Cherine

Greek Street Food @ The Athenian

If you somehow end up in the harbourside, be sure to stroll a little further to the up and coming, trendy, Wapping Wharf. It feels like Shoreditch in London and it's so exciting. There are so many new restaurants and pop-ups all operating in cute cargo containers!

If you like your Greek food, when you're there, be sure to visit The Athenian. Their take on wraps are absolutely phenomenal!

All freshly made to order too. I mean, after all, who doesn't like chips, chicken, halloumi, mixed with delicious sauces/dips all wrapped up in a homemade pitta bread!

Rawrrrr! It is a party in your mouth... 🎉

Bristol Foodie (Cherine) x

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